Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loopy Eddie Ann

Eddie Ann had his surgery today.  I took him at 9:30 and Dr. Crawford saw him right away.  He weighed in at 12 and one half pounds.  I could have sworn he weighed 25!  He is a hand full for me to pick up and the girls really have a hard time holding him in their arms.  That doesn't keep them from trying though.  :)

Please keep Eddie Ann in your prayers as he recovers over then next few days.  He is resting comfortably now with some medicine that is making him a little loopy.  Getting neutered is no fun I'm sure and recovery won't be a picnic either.

I was thinking about how God gave man charge over every living creature and how He said everything He had made was good.  We are the caretakers of all that God has given us.  That's a BIG responsibility.   I did not want to take Eddie Ann to the vet to be neutered but it is a requirement from the shelter he came from.  I know why the rules have to be this way for we have so many animals that are born and few people to take responsibility for them.  Some animals are born to live just under God's protection out in nature, but those animals we have bred to be pets don't have the skill set to be out in the wild so we have to live up the the charge that God gave us and do the responsible thing.  To spay or neuter pets when they should not have offspring is a good thing for them as well as our earth.

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