Friday, May 1, 2009

Small bump


Wednesday night I had a fire consumed my garage. I don't have words that can say what I am feeling. Carley Ann, Anna Claire and I are safe with no injuries. They were spending the night with me and we had just dressed for bed. Thankfully Carley saw the fire and we called 911 who sent emergency services to the house immediately. The main house is smoked but all is well. Even Cocoapuff is okay and she went under the bed during all the firemen and everyone working to get the fire out.

God is good and can take the worst problem we have and work it to His good. I am confident of that and look forward to seeing what He does with this small bump in our lives.

I'll be staying with Terri, Brent and the girls which will be a good thing for all of us as we all are so close and can help and support each other as families do.

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