Friday, February 27, 2009


With two little girls, Disney World has now become the home of Minnie Mouse first... not Mickey. They have Minny Mouse ears, flip flops and pocket books as well as Minnie spin toys that light up and spin around. We had a wonderful time and are already planning to go back possibly right after Christmas.

My brother is still in ICU but that is what we all expected. I sat with him last night and our plans are to have a three day rotation so none of us will get so tired. If we do, we can hire a sitter. We all agree that it's imporant right now to have someone from the family be there. It's not that we can do's more about making us feel better. Today they put in a trach because they couldn't leave the tube down his throat any longer without causing damage to his vocal cords. They said that actually this would be better for him. All in all Dr. Johnson said that he is improving and all looks well for a recovery. Looking at him with all the tubes and seeing him laying there under sedation makes us all lose hope, but it's comforting to hear words of encouragement from the doctors who see and do these things all the time.

I still have not picked up a brush in my hands since Ruth was here but I do paint in my dreams. Each time I pass the yellow ochre fields around my house I am inspired to paint them... and I do, each night... perfect paintings... sweet dreams with sun warming the soul. The peach trees are beginning to bloom and I dream of painting them too. Life couldn't be better to treasure each day for what it brings and know in the end love is all that matters. Sending love to y'all tonight and always,