Thursday, June 12, 2008

2nd Birthday Celebration for Anna Claire


Anna Claire's 2nd birthday celebration is this Saturday. Here's her birthday cake in progress. It might change a bit with the addition of some cut little props like you would find on the beach, and I might add some stripes to the soles of the shoes, but the basic idea is there. :)

The sand is made from a peanut butter base with crushed graham crackers sprinkled on top. The cake is strawberry on the inside and the straps are made from twislers. I have some gummy fish I might use... and some tiny gum drops that look like sea pebbles... I'm going to try to make some other beachy things like sea shells to sprinkle around too. The flowers around the sole of the flops is that 3 foot long fruit roll ups. Too cute, huh.


Christine said...

This is absolutely the most adorable cake I have ever seen! I love it! I like how you even made the sand around the little sandals. I'm wondering what kind of cake pan you used? Great job!

I'm not sure if this is your granddaughter or daughter but jus precious! Boy they grow way to fast!

pfranklin said...

Thanks Christine. This was my granddaughter's cake. I just made sheet cakes and then cut both of them in the shape of a flip flop. Then I did the icing and used fruit roll up candy to go around the edges. For the straps I used string licorice and pulled some of the strings off so the rope would be flat. Had I had more time I would have made the flowers but I think the fake ones look nice and she loved them. I’m thinking about having one of these for my SS class and have all the old ladies wear flip flops and fancy hats. Then we could have a contest for flip flop queen.

pfranklin said...

oh, the sand is graham crackers that I crushed and just sprinkled around on top of wet icing.

Let me see the one you do. I need more ideas.

Christine said...

I was wondering if you used the sheet cake and cut out the flip flop...this is just so darn cute! My youngest is 18 and in college...I think this would be so much fun...I'll think of someone to make this for! Thank you so much for stopping by and then posting this information for me. Your grand daughter is adorable! YOu seem to be an awesome grandma! Thanks again. =O)