Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday

Well, I can't believe I really have 60 years of life to account for, but I do. I so enjoyed my birthday party complete with ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen. Ice cream cake from DQ has been a long family tradition from when Brent was little. We haven't had DQ cake in many, many years and I had no idea that Brent even remembered about them, but when they came for dinner yestereday, he and Terri brought ice cream cake! Carley Ann was so sweet saying the blessing and Anna Claire just couldn't wait to eat, but you should have seen the faces she made when she tasted of the big girl food Terri put on her plate. Terri ended up fixing her some Dora soupa (that's what Carley Ann calls chicken noodle soup). Here's some goofy pictures and then some not so goofy. :)

Yes, one of my presents was some electrical cord. :)


We are singing Happy Birthday to MeMama. :)

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