Saturday, July 14, 2007

Picture Puzzle

Project: Create a picture puzzle using craft sticks and paint
Instructor: Carley Ann Franklin, age 2.6
Medium: Crayola washable kid's paint
Instructions: Carley recommends starting with a yellow background for your first project because it's a sunshine color. Follow the pictures below to see how she made her picture puzzle and then make your own.

" It takes great concentration to completely cover all the craft sticks with yellow paint, so you might ask for a little help. Once you finish, you will be so proud of finishing your first step. "
"You can start right away to add in your painting. For this one I am going to paint beautiful flowers", says Carley Ann.

"Are there any questions? Nows the time."

"See, just drop in the flowers after you do the stems and leaves."

"Remember to shake your paint tubs and select your colors carefully."

"Make any final adjustments, and sit back to admire your work."

"Push the puzzle aside to dry. While the puzzle is drying is a good time to paint your hands if you've had the itch to try that."
"Once the painting has dried, you can ask for help to outline the flowers."

"Isn't the finshed puzzle wonderful, says Carley Ann."
Note: Carley Ann would like to thank her Memama's friend Linda Blondheim for the picture puzzle idea and inspiration.
Today was a great day to make a picture puzzle. :)



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Plein Air Florida said...

Carly Ann's puzzles are better than mine!!