Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Studio Sale


Today was another day that seemed to slip through my hands. I stayed busy all day and did get a few things done that were on my list, but didn't really do anything artwise. Anna spent the night with me last night and we spent this morning just playing and reading until it was time for Terri to come and take her to daycare.

I did spend a little time cleaning the studio and putting things away. I still need to fnd a good way to store all the frames I've collected. How on earth I got as many as I have I'll never know. When I started gathering them up from this stash place and that, they seemed to multiply.

Today I thought about putting an ad in my local paper around the first of November and say that I'll have an open studio sale on the last two Saturdays in November and the first two in December. I might try to make it the last Saturday in November and the first saturday in Decmeber to make it easier on me. Four saturdays might be too much. That way maybe I can clear out some of the frames I have laying around and of course some of the old paintings I never even put up on my web. I didn't count the canvas' that I have in storage, but there must be over 100. Getting those out of the studio would be a good goal for the end of the year. Then I could start fresh for next year.

If I have a good turn out for the studio sale and the painting still don't sell, I guess they need to go to the landfill gallery. :(

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