Sunday, June 10, 2007

On to next week


This has been an exhausting week trying to fit everything in. I need a break, so I'm going to take one and go visit some of my artist friends living a little south of me, visit some small towns and take some photographs. It's a shame that we have such severe drought conditions. Georgia is usually really green by this time of the year and around here almost all our grass is yellow and the trees are struggling to hold their leaves. Further up north from me they have banned all outdoor watering completely because they are afraid of running out of drinking water!

I'm still making progress on the portrait of Carley Ann although I have to admit a bit of fustration not being able to paint alla prima like I do when I paint outside en plein air. Still it's been good for the sprit to do something different and draw on different skills. You can watch my progress here:

Organization of past works is also moving a bit slowly, but still making progress, so that's good. I wish I had dated my paintings at least on the back.

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