Monday, April 9, 2007

Cast Shadows

Anna Claire Franklin, Easter 2007 , Age 10 months
Carley Ann Franklin - Easter 2007 - Age 28 months


As artists we are always concerned with shadows because we have learned that shadows tell the story of the object we are painting. If you are trying to paint a shadow it helps if you squint to fix your eyes on the shape. By squinting we simpfly the shape and don't get bogged down in details.
As Christians we are also concerned with shadows, our shadow and God's shadow. You see, just as in art, our shadows are important because it tells a story. In my mail box this moring was a message from my Sunday School prayer group leader, Marilyn who asked the question at the end of all the prayer requests, "In your daily lives, what type of shadow do you cast? Does it point to God or elsewhere?" This is what I am thinking on today.

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