Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dumb as Sheep


In the Bible we read many references to sheep and how the good shepard takes care of them. The adventures of stray sheep, sheep needing a protector, sheep needing to be lead by still waters, etc. are plentiful. Some take exception to us being referred to as dumb sheep because they feel we are not so dumb. Is that right? I think most of us, well all of us, are pretty dumb. As smart as some of us think we are we are still dumb.

We are like sheep because everything is relative. You see, we as humans think sheep are pretty dumb. God, on the other hand, is super smart. If you think about how much smarter he is than we are, then we must be pretty much as dumb as we think sheep are if everything is relative.

I, for one, can't even imagine how smart God would have to be to hold the entire universe in his hands, can you?

I'm getting ready to paint the azaleas at Callaway Gardens again this year. This is me painting inside Callaway. The guy in the photo is from the local TV station in Columbus.