Friday, November 3, 2006

Things to Remember


1. Every single morning before you get and start your day, sit down and write down the seven highest priority actions you could do today, because whoever sets the agenda brings the destiny about. (Paraphrased from statement made by Mary Kay shared by Demartini on the Larry King Live show. Demartini also shared a story saying that when he was four his mother would put him to bed telling him that before he went into the dream world, be sure to count your blessings, because those who are grateful for that they have, they get more to be grateful for. He believes that being in a state of gratitude is the best way to start and end each day.

2. On the same program, Beckwith shares that we are here on this Earth to change, grow develop and unfold. We are progressive beings that have infinite capacity.

You wake up every day and you want to be different at the end of the day. You don't want to be the same person you go to bed at night. You want to have had an insight and a haha, you want to have done a new action. You would have said something new, so that you want to see yourself changing and becoming more yourself on a regular basis.

3. Quoted:

KING: You've all written books, right?


KING: Is that the best way for anyone watching to jumpstart, read one of the books? I mean, what is -- how do we... PROCTOR: I think the best way to start is get a CD or a DVD and play it over and over and over again.

KING: By one of you?

PROCTOR: Well, the best one -- the best thing I have seen in 45 years, Larry, is the DVD "On the Secret". To get it, go to It was made out of Australia. It is the best thing I have ever seen done in this industry.

KNIGHT: I think you would be very simple -- everybody gets up and says, what kind of life I do want from this day forward? And I'm going to write it down and I'm going to say this is who I am.

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: To say, this is who I am. And negotiate your day through what you said. That's how you start.

ASSARAF: If anybody wants to have more, whether it's a business, whether it's more money, they have to become more. And the only way to do that, OK, first is to educate yourself. And our society has gotten lost in teaching children how to memorize. Education is when we learn something, we get instructions on how to do something, and then we experience it. That's really the education that we want. And so that for me is pick a lane, pick something that you can choose, to move your life forward to the next level.

PROCTOR: There is three of us, Dr. Martini, Michael Beckwith and myself, are going to working together next week -- is it two weeks -- at SY Seminars (ph). I don't own the company, but it is the best course I've ever seen. And it is all up and down the West Coast, it's in different parts of the world.

KNIGHT: Our course is the best course I've ever seen.

PROCTOR: Well, I think the program that...

DEMARTINI: All of our courses are outstanding.

KNIGHT: All of our courses are fabulous.

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