Sunday, July 16, 2006

The secret to a happy life

My son just gave me a new book to read, actually a journal-workbook, by Joel Osteen. The workbook follows his book "Your Best Life Now" which is a guide to reaching your full potential. The introduction grabs your attention right away with the words; "Millions of people are discovering what it means to live 'your best life now.' The secret is not really a secret at all. Happy successful, fulfilled individuals understand that the future begins with what happens today. They make the most of the present moment and build their future one day at a time." As I read those words today, I not only thanked God for each new day, but for my son who has grown into a fine young spiritual man that I am so proud of. He has a caring, loving heart and has become the rock of our family.


"Okay", I said to myself. "Tomorrow I'll break out of this painting slump I've been in"... or do I have to start TODAY. How about just a sketch? Little steps, little steps.... the fog comes in on little cat feet....


Carley asleep - sketch from life Sunday, July 16, 2006

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