Monday, July 10, 2006

Puttin' on

Blackberries in a Whitel Bowl

Thinking about my southern heritage and the funny sayings we have is a pleasant pastime of mine. I've said many times I should write down all the quirky idioms passed down from generation to generation. One idiom in particular makes me smile every time I think about it. Here's the story...see if you catch the meaning. :)

We sat in the tea room sipping slowly between soft chatter about who knows what when the tea room proprietor approached. "Here darlin's let me freshen that tea; where y'all from; can I get y'all some cobbler," she spoke in that sweet, slow southern voice that blended with the smell of vanilla I was sure she wore from cobbler cooking. "Oh, not too far from here, Thomaston, just down the road a piece," I said. "Oh yes, my friends daughter, Amy Ray, just moved there. Do you know her?", she questioned. "Yes, I did meet her....ah..." I was saying as she interrupted. "Does she still put on?" she asked without blinking an eye.

Well, that certainly made me smile and think about my grandmother who always told me never to "put on" or to "quit puttin' on" which meant for me not to think too highly of myself or pretend I was something I wasn't. Over the years I certainly have been guilty of "puttin' on". Lucky for me, the times I have, I have always had someone or something to bring be back to reality. I appreciate my heritage. It's taught and served me well.

"Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving..." Psalm 95:2


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